It's The Bible Course with added flexibility and convenience.

Be ready for whatever life brings you with The Bible Course–a comprehensive journey through the Bible for Catholic discipleship.

The online, virtual class offers the same expert teachers and in-depth curriculum as our in-person, parish-hosted classes of The Bible Course, but in a different, online format.

Elements of the Online Course Format

Teaching both "Head" and "Heart"
Weekly Lectures

Each week’s lesson includes 55-75 minutes of video-lecture (conveniently divided into segments, so you can watch in smaller segments throughout the week). 


In the lecture, your teacher unpacks the cultural, historical, and theological context of the Bible and invite you to encounter God and the movement of the Holy Spirit today!


Lectures can be downloaded and include captions for maximum accessibility. 

Two-Way Communication and Engagement
A Real Teacher

Unlike in a video-series or webinar-course, your teacher is available for two-way communication, so you can get real answers to questions and be guided through the Bible. 

We do this through:

  • optional, live video-conference (“Zoom”) Q&A and open discussion time with your teacher (held weekly)
  • teacher comments on your (optional to submit) written discussion question reflections
  • comments and replies in your class’ private Google Classroom
Taking Time to Listen
Prayerful Reading

Each lesson has assigned readings from the Bible. We read books of the Bible in their entirety, to enter into these inspired texts and get the big picture of God’s plan. 

We offer a “prayer prompt” to help you encounter God’s voice in each week’s readings. 

We suggest setting aside 2 hours per week (just 20 minutes a day!) for prayer and Bible reading. 

Finding Community in the Scriptures
Option to Join or Start a Small Group

In Jesus’ time, discussing the Scriptures was one of the ways God’s People came to know God more deeply. 

While not everyone in an online class has the time for small group discussion, we make live discussion available to all. 

You can: 

  • join a weekly online video-conference (“Zoom”) small group (we provide a small group facilitator)
  • start or organize your own small group (meets online or in-person) with people you already know from your community