Join Catholic Biblical School participants, alumni, teachers, and other Catholics for a 12-week Mission Training Group. Grow together in prayer, holiness, and an awareness of God’s personal call to mission in your own life. 

The next Mission Training Groups will run in Summer 2024:

1) In-Person at St. Mary Cause of Our Joy in Westland — Thursdays 6-8 pm, June 13 to mid-Sept

2) Virtually (i.e. on “Zoom”) — Tuesdays 6:30-8:00 pm, June 11 to August 27

Starting in Fall 2024, our goal is to start 12-week Mission Training Groups:

1) Virtually (i.e. on “Zoom”) (day/time TBD) — let us know if you’d like to join and have a day/time preference

2) In-Person in places where a Year D class has finished, i.e. Saline, Benton Harbor, Westphalia, etc. If you’re a Catholic Biblical School alumni and would like to coordinate your local group, contact us! We can help you “get the gang back together” to continue to grow in friendship and missionary discipleship.

The 12-Week Mission Training Groups meet weekly, for approximately 90 minutes (when virtual) or 2 hrs (in-person)

The Mission Training Group uses the content and curriculum called ReachMore™ from The Evangelical CatholicHere’s the topic/theme we’ll cover in each “Mission Training” lesson

Participants in the training group discern living out their personal apostolate (their “mission”), for example:

      • accompanying someone one-on-one to become a disciple or grow in discipleship

      • starting small groups that meet in homes or public places (sometimes at parish or ministry facilities)

      • leading a “table” as a facilitator and guide within a CBSM class

      • leading a remote or in-person small group of a CBSM virtual class

      • leading one-on-one (1:1) spiritual discussions with new Mission Training Group participants

    The overarching goal of the Mission Training Group is to equip lay people to drive a movement of evangelization as part of a growing community of lay missionary disciples. When a community of disciples, centered on Jesus, dives deeply into prayer, discipleship, community, and evangelization together, the Holy Spirit moves more freely, and lives are changed for the greater glory of God!

    Supporting Each Other in Living Missionary Discipleship

    After completing a Mission Training Group, we meet for optional online and in-person gatherings to continue being formed by God’s Word, pray for one another, and encourage one another in our personal missions. We call this “Mission Community.”

    As Biblical School Director of Curriculum and Teacher, Cathryn Torgerson, shares:

    Going through ReachMore helped me to more clearly connect God’s words in Scripture to the call of each person to help build the Kingdom.  Sharing that journey with others was a delightful opportunity of growth and relationship building.  It was inspiring to discover how God is working in individual lives, including my own. 

    Questions? Email Colleen Vermeulen