Teach with the Catholic Biblical School in Michigan

Teachers (also known as faculty members, adjuncts, or instructors) of the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan (CBSM) fulfill responsibilities in four key areas:

1. Lesson preparation.

Preparing to teach a lesson consists of reviewing research and preparing one’s own lecture that communicates the key (required) points of each lecture, increases understanding of the texts, and fosters application in the lives of participants. The end vision is faculty who cultivate an environment of teaching, preaching [the Good News], praying with, and discussing the Scriptures in order to transform lives. 

2. Lead class sessions. 
During class sessions (approximately 28 weekly sessions per academic year (September-May) or smaller 8-12 week seasonal modules) teachers oversee small group discussion, lead prayer, answer questions, and present to the class.

3. Communication with participants. 
Teachers communicate with participants (at a minimum) weekly during sessions to share the recording for the previous lesson and handout for the following lesson. Preferred method is via emailing a link to a shared cloud-based folder.

4. Support the CBSM lay apostolate’s mission.
Teachers participate in approximately six faculty conference calls per year, adhere to Catholic Witness Statement , and pray for all participants, the CBSM lay apostolate as a whole, and especially, their class, embodying a spirit of apprenticing disciples in growing in the Word through the Word. 

Teacher contracts are offered annually, from June 1 to May 31 of the following year. Applications are accepted on an open/rolling basis for future-year in-person teaching assignments in the Archdiocese of Detroit, Diocese of Lansing, Diocese of Kalamazoo, and Diocese of Grand Rapids. To begin your application, please send a cover email or letter and resume or CV to info@cbsmich.org

Start a New Catholic Biblical School in Your Region [outside of Michigan]

Become a Regional Coordinator (and Teacher, if interested) to spread this vital, vibrant lay apostolate in your state or region. Applications accepted on an open/rolling basis. To begin your application, please send a cover email or letter and resume or CV to info@cbsmich.org