In this class, you will discover the book of Genesis as a framework for understanding sin and salvation. You will examine how sin disrupted God’s original purpose for creation and humanity, and how it resulted in alienation and death. You will also trace how God restored his relationship with his people through his promises and actions. Understand the biblical foundations that set the stage for God’s great work of redemption in Jesus Christ and how our Catholic faith is enlivened by this foundational text of scripture.

When: 2nd Saturdays (Sep 9, Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 9), 9 am to 1 pm (includes a home-cooked lunch)

Day themes are:

Oct 14 – From Paradise to Flood

Nov 11 – God’s Promise to Abraham

Dec 9 – Generations of Promise

This class can be taken in single sessions (one-day) or as a series!

Where: Maryville Retreat Center, Holly, MI

Registration Through the Maryville Retreat Center >> Register Here