The Jesus Challenge to Young Adults: Epistles of Paul

What does our Lord teach about discipleship through St. Paul - and how do we live it in today's world?

Living in our secular postmodern world is daunting. Catholicism seems under attack constantly, and authentic discipleship an insurmountable task. Is it even possible? How do we embrace Jesus’ words to his first disciples to know the Lord and be formed as his disciple now?

Let’s find out. If you want the bold and joyful life Jesus offers, if your heart yearns to better know and understand Jesus and his word, this series is for you.

This session will cover St. Paul and his model for living as a disciple among the pagans in his First and Second Letters to the Corinthians and his Letter to the Romans.

The only one who can show us Truth, is Truth

Fr. John Riccardo Board of Director, CBSM

Not Your Typical Bible Study

With the Catholic Biblical School of Michigan, you receive seminary-level, in-person instruction, giving you direct access to ask questions and take a deep dive into comprehensive study—in a way that’s convenient and relevant to you.

  • Lively discussion with other young adults (YAs)
  • Focus on discipleship teaching – and how to live it today.
  • Format includes prayer, written reflection, reading, discussion, and Q&A.

You get all this while enjoying fellowship with other Catholic young adults in Ann Arbor. And, don’t worry, there are no tests.

Meet Your Instructor

Pete Ziolkowski has been teaching Scripture for many years in a variety of venues and has taught at Sacred Heart Seminary. He has developed the “Jesus Challenge to Young Adults” series and written a Disciple Group Handbook, Made for Joy, and Discipleship for Catholic Men.

Pete studied liberal arts with a degree in pure math and holds master degrees in finance and scripture (University of Michigan and Sacred Heart Major Seminary).  Pete and his wife Theresa have five children and live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Jesus' Challenge to Young Adults

Join us to explore the Epistles of Paul. We’ll unpack what it means to live as an authentic disciple in the 21st century, and learn to apply Jesus’ words to your life in a meaningful way.

When: Thursdays 7-9 pm, starts February 22nd

Where: Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, (lower level meeting area)


  • 5 Weekly Sessions
  • Lecture and small group discussion
  • Refreshments

Cost: $25 tuition (or free)
*A generous donor is covering all additional costs of the course, a full value of $75.