Plan Your Group

Decide What Part of the Bible to Study

If you’re not sure.

Our #1 recommendation is to start with Year A of The Bible Course. Learning to understand the Book of Genesis and the story of Creation and God’s People is foundational and “unlocks” the roots of the Mass and knowing God personally through the Old Testament. 

Our #2 recommendation is to start with Year B of The Bible Course. We’d especially recommend this if a goal of your group is to lead people to encounter Jesus (for the first time or anew) and make the decision to follow him as a disciple. 

Our #3 recommendation is to respond to the needs or interests of your group. The Catholic Biblical School uniquely offers lessons that cover every book of the Bible, so we can provide a custom course for your group (i.e. shorter than a Sept-to-May “year” or selecting certain parts of The Bible Course).